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(Image created by me on A Beautiful Mess app, Design Kit)


In honor of International Women's Day earlier this month, I thought it would only be right to highlight some of the boss ladies I love.

1. Elsie & Emma. Blog A Beautiful Mess. I've been following this sister business duo for many years! They are so creative and I love their style. In the earlier years they showed off their fashion and now its a mixture of DIYs, home tours, travel, and recipes with clothing inspo sprinkled in. I strive to be as awesome as them one day building my business and making my dreams a reality. They have also published 3 books, I believe 3 photo editing apps and have a line called Oui Fresh that sells clothing, accessories, natural beauty products, and essential oils. They have online courses as well. These girls are busy. Super into Elsie's adoption story to daughter Nova. 

2. Frida KahloThe amazing Mexican artist is famously known for her self-portraits and surrealist paintings. Her story is very interesting and if you haven't ever read up on her I highly recommend that you do! I could go on and on about how much I love her. See my Frida Halloween costume here.

3. Drew Barrymore. Yes, I proudly admit that she is my favorite actress. I have loved her since she was a child in Firestarter. My absolute favorite movies of hers are Ever After (Cinderella lover here)  and Never Been Kissed. I adore her wild free spirit. She also has a beauty line called Flower Beauty. An Amazon clothing brand called Dear Drew which I love and is all about loving yourself. The price point is a little high for me but there are a few items on my wishlist.

4. Kelly Mindell. Studio DIY. I just recently discovered Kelly on Instagram. I love her colorful wardrobe and creative business side. Not to mention, her balloon and clutch designs. Also, her awesome Halloween costume ideas. After finding her on Instagram I soon fell in love with her and her family, husband Jeff and recently adopted son, Arlo.

5. Georgia Hardstark & Karen Kilgariff. Podcast My Favorite Murder. This fascinatingly funny podcast is my current obsession. I have always kind of been into true crime but they put a light-hearted spin on it that makes it even more enjoyable to listen to. These ladies make me laugh and are open about the things that they struggle with like anxiety which helps make me feel just a little bit more normal.

6. Susan Gregg Koger. Founder of Modcloth. Susan a lover of all things vintage started Modcloth selling vintage clothes out of her dorm room and soon exploded into the brand of retro-inspired clothing and decor with fun colorful quirky prints. Modcloth has been an online only store for many years but just a few years ago they opened a brick and mortar shop in Austin, TX. Major goals to go visit that store!

7. Selena Quintanilla. Latin-American singer. She was young, talented, and beautiful with a tragic ending. I know she would still be doing some inspiring things today.

 8. Alyssa. Founder of HiptipicoA beautiful curated ethical brand based in Guatemala. Supporting Maya artisans and sustaining jobs for small handmade businesses. You can find out more about her story and brand here. I love Alyssa's eye for the beautiful culture. Her Instagram feed is also very pleasing to the eye. I source our huaraches from her along with the chokers and pom-poms. I have big goals to carry more of her products soon!

I can't say that's all the boss ladies I love and honestly, I feel like I might be leaving someone out. These are the main ones that I have either recently discovered or that I have been following for too many years to count. These ladies prove that if you just put your mind to it you can do it. 

I hope to be on someone's boss lady list one day.

A girl can dream, right?

On that note, last week my cousin, mi prima, Rachel of RM Petit Cakes, and I announced that we are opening a shop together downtown on S. Main! This is very exciting news and we have been planning it since last summer. We finally signed a lease and we are working to get the space open by June. Fingers crossed! It's going to be our two separate businesses, ShopMucho & RM Petit Cakes, under one roof that is called Primas Bakery and Boutique. (still working on the site..) So yay! We will still be us, we're just joining forces to create a cool place where you can have your cake and do some shopping too! We'll have more details soon! So if you are local to the Memphis area get ready! Please follow us on FB and Instagram to stay in the know of our opening and all the other fun events we are going to cook up!


Shout out because it's my absolute favorite lady's birthday today! My sister! Happy birthday Gina! I love you!



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