Hola! Hello! Bienvenido! Welcome! Mucho Gusto! Nice to meet you!

Hola! I’m Angelique (Gonzalez) Sloan! - Founder of Shopmucho! I’m a proud graduate from Memphis College Of Art with a Bachelor Of Fine Arts In Digital Media and Palomar College with an Associate Of Arts In Fashion Design.

With dreams of owning a unique boutique, I created my own version of a Mexican market inspired by my family’s Mexican background (dad’s side) mixed with festive boutique trends- and that is how ShopMucho was born!

ShopMucho aka Mucho /mooCHō/ is a very small business that embraces all makers, markets, and brands I love, big and small, with the main focus on Latin owned as well as locally owned businesses and products. I am inspired by the Latin culture and styling it in a modern way. The goal of Mucho is to support many small businesses by offering a large collection of unique styles to the online community and locally to the Memphis, TN area, inside Primas Bakery and Boutique.

I love authentic, I love handmade, I love color, I love trends, and I love quirk. 

Oh and...

I LOVE tacos!!!

I hope you love my little shop!

MUCHO equals love and A LOT of it!

Embracing Mexican Roots

ShopMucho owner Angelique Sloan

Angelique (Gonzalez) Sloan, the founder of Mucho- I was born a Gonzalez in Fort Worth Texas. The traditions instilled in my Mexican-American upbringing inspire my love for the Mexican culture. My siblings and I were brought up all American but our father’s heritage made us feel kind of unique.

Special memories of growing up in Texas include: Spending time with family and friends in Dallas, Galveston, Houston, and San Antonio. Traveling to Memphis where my father’s family eventually settled and eating at my grandparent’s Tex-Mex restaurant, Lupe & Bea's.

My family loved to travel to Texas and visit Mercados where I loved shopping! These things were big factors in creating Mucho.

I now reside in Memphis, TN which also plays a big part in the creation of Mucho because there is only a very small amount of latino inspiration or style offered in the area.


Mucho is a place where you can shop for a variety of treasures that you would typically find at Mexican markets or Tex-Mex boutiques. Mucho mixes the latest fashions and trends with traditional Latino clothing, accessories, and decor.

I love to show how to appreciate authentic goods that have been around for many years in modern ways combining them with current styles. 

No, I do not speak Spanish…yet. BUT, I am learning & practice daily! Although my dad's whole side of the family speaks fluent Spanish because my mother did not sadly my siblings and I did not learn the language growing up. It was definitely a big struggle growing up a Gonzalez not knowing how to speak Spanish! 

I love my family, I love refried beans, I love to get dressed up, and I love alliterations.

I want to continue to embrace and learn all things about my Mexican heritage and as Mucho grows, so will I.

Love. Mucho Mucho.


*Bringing the Mexican market online and adding a modern twist is no easy task. Each traditional item is authentic and rare and may have some variations in colors, patterns, and sizes. (i.e. one-of-a-kind) That being said, certain items you purchase will be beautiful and unique. Like you. ¡Salud! 


ShopMucho.com about me page photo of owner Angelique shooting products behind the scenes

Angelique Sloan (behind the scenes)

Mucho is a very small team consisting of me, Angelique, along with part-time help from my husband, Randall Sloan, and sister, Gina Gonzalez.


Check Out My Brick & Mortar Location Inside Primas Bakery + Boutique734 Mt Moriah Rd, Suite 3, Memphis, TN 38117, Alongside My Cousin's Bakery!


ShopMucho owner dressing mannequin inside brick & mortar Primas Bakery and Boutique
ShopMucho Brick & Mortar Location inside Primas Bakery And Boutique Located Downtown Memphis, TN




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