Fireball Sangria the ShopMucho way!

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Shopmucho makes fireball whiskey sangria wine recipe

Sangria Recipe - Ingredients 

We were inspired to try this because of a recipe I saw from Delish on a Facebook post. If you'd like the exact recipe, you can easily find it online. May I suggest eyeballing it? If you are going to prepare this for a gathering or fiesta, you're going to need to add to the original recipe, like we did! You need to purchase:

  • Granny Smith Apples
  • Oranges
  • Blood Oranges
  • Apple Juice
  • Fireball Whiskey
  • Red Wine

You'll also need a large bowl, a large pitcher, knife, and a cutting board. Who needs a measuring cup? We wanted to make way more than the recipe called for! Start by chopping both varieties of oranges and setting aside. Leaving the peels on keeps it zesty.  

Dice the apples and let them soak in the bowl with some of that Fireball Whiskey. The longer you let it soak, the better, but at least do 30 minutes.

Shopmucho makes fireball whiskey sangria wine recipe
sangria fireball whiskey fiesta entertaining party recipe

Pitcher Time

Once you've let the apples soak up some of that Fireball goodness, pour the mixture into your pitcher of choice. Now's the fun part...pour in about a cup and a half of apple juice (do it to taste, more or less is fine depending on how much Sangria you're looking to make). Add your red wine, we used Viña Borgia.

Have fun with it, we wished we had gotten a couple more bottles to extend the recipe. Add your Fireball Whiskey, again add to taste, the more the fiery-er. Combine all of this in your pitcher, lastly adding the oranges and letting it chill for a few hours in the fridge. The longer you let all of the ingredients meld, the tastier your Sangria will be!

Shopmucho makes fireball whiskey sangria wine recipe
Shopmucho makes fireball whiskey sangria wine recipe
Shopmucho makes fireball whiskey sangria wine recipe

What a fun Sangria recipe. We feel that this Sangria could be used year round but the Fireball Whiskey in it definitely helps keep you warm when it's cold. Why not whip up a batch for you and your beloved this Valentine's Day!? It could be the tastiest love potion you could ever prepare and it will get the love lights flaming. We really had fun with this as we were the only ones around to taste test it after a long day of work. Salud! 

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