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If you haven't heard already I was given an amazing opportunity to set up shop rent free for one month on 88 N Main in downtown Memphis, TN. Main is a pedestrian street with trolley tracks (trolleys are not running currently due to repairs) where you can walk around and visit restaurants, shops, office buildings, etc. Thanks to the Downtown Memphis Commission I got to experience what it is like to have my own boutique in real life.

So the goal of the Downtown Memphis Commission by doing this Open on Main project is to encourage entrepreneurs to buy or lease in the vacant buildings around downtown. There are 4 spaces that they are currently allowing businesses to set up in, 7, 9, 86, and 88 N. Main. They had an application and interview process in which they picked all different types of businesses to set up for 2 weeks, a month, or 2 months through November.

The space they gave me is not very big, but perfect for me for right now. Take a look at the pictures below. Hopefully you can get a good idea about my space and how it is laid out. downtown popup shop on 88 n main downtown popup shop on 88 n main downtown popup shop on 88 n main

*Reflection of my handsome husband playing photographer. He is so helpful and supportive through all of my business ventures :) downtown popup shop on 88 n main downtown popup shop on 88 n main downtown popup shop on 88 n main downtown popup shop on 88 n main downtown popup shop on 88 n main downtown popup shop on 88 n main downtown popup shop on 88 n main
I've done several popups and festivals. I have even set up for a few days at a time, but I have never been in one place for this long. It has some good and bad. The best part being that I don't have to setup shop and breakdown all in one day. It's pretty rough to have to do that all in one day. I have a lot of inventory and I want a good representation of it. I try to take at least 2 of everything. When moving back and forth things get broken or misplaced. So yeah, being set up for more than a day is awesome both physically and mentally.
  • It's tough working alone especially because this spot didn't have a functioning bathroom. I had to lock up every time I needed to use the restroom and make friends with my neighbors who get to keep track of every time I had to pee. I drink a lot of coffee and water so that’s a lot. TMI I know.
  • I met some interesting people. I’ll let you use your imagination on that one. Being downtown there are all kinds of people. I did get interviewed by The Commercial Appeal, videoed and photographed. I’m shy so that was tough but luckily they didn’t give me any notice, so I didn’t have much time to worry or stress over it. Bonus, I was wearing Mucho merch for the interview. Link to article here. I also got to meet Aldo owner of Aldos Pizza, Slider Inn, and Bardog. I’m a big fan of all of his establishments!! His sliders and pizzas are sooo good, not to mention the Jameson slushie :) Anyways, he asked me to be a vendor at his annual 5k and festival benefiting St. Jude. I closed for the day at my shop and set up at the Monroe Ave Fest on Sunday, Aug 20th.
  • Hotspots really don’t work so great and not having internet during downtime in the shop makes for not very productive days which led to late nights at home catching up.
  • Speaking of downtime. The area didn’t really have the best foot traffic so the busiest time of day was during the lunch rush and then it was like a ghost town for the remainder of the day.
  • Leaving inventory in a strange building overnight causes anxiety. “Did I lock up?? Should I go back and check. I’m sure I did.” I had to ask my sister, Gina, to double check since she lives downtown. She loves me enough not to give me too much of a hard time and did it. After that I made a routine of videoing myself jiggling the door to prove I locked up so when I get home I wouldn't worry. Yes, paranoid.
  • Contemplating opening a brick and mortar in Memphis versus continuing to just be online. I always have very good feedback about my shop and what I am doing. So doing this makes me wonder even more on whether or not I should open up a shop. I have so many different ideas about how my shop would look and what I would do, but will I last? I know I’m mainly an online shopper. Will a brick and mortar boutique last in this fast growing internet world? That’s a tough one. I’m going back and forth about it. Sure, I will always be online even if I open a store IRL. What do you prefer? Online shopping or shopping in person?
That’s all I can think of for now. The month flew by. I moved out on the 25th & 26th. I needed the weekend to get everything out with the help of, Randall, my husband. (I’m so grateful for that guy!)
Now, I'm back working from home. Getting ready for Cooper Young Fest. If you are not from Memphis CY fest is one of the largest one day street festivals in the area. It's on Sept 16th from 9am-7pm. It has about 430 vendors, local artists and food. And around 130,000 people come to it. It will be Mucho's first time at this fest and at a fest with so many people. I'm nervous but very excited. Just hoping everything goes smoothly and that it doesn't rain that day!!
In This Look: Top- ShopMucho, Bottoms- Target, Shoes- Lulu's, Sunnies- ASOS, Bracelets- ShopMucho.





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